Garvit Bansal

Software Developer / Data Scientist

Researcher at SUTD
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I am currently working as Research Assistant at Singapore University of Technology and Design, Singapore where my work includes analyzing the data collected by thousands of sensor devices worn by students

I pursued my B.Tech from LNM Institute of Information Technology from Jaipur, Rajasthan (India) in 2015. I had prior hands-on experiences in JAVA, Python, Semantic Web through my internships. An effective team player with excellent communication and organisational skills combined with a desire to succeed.

Worked as Research Intern at IIIT-Delhi during my 2nd year, Teramatrix and Zomato as Software Developer Intern, Knoe.sis as Remote Research Intern during 3rd year and Software Developer Intern during my last year.

While pursuing my B.Tech also worked as a Teaching Assistant in Data Structure and Algorithms in August-November, 2013 and January-April,2014. Received certificate of Appreciation in 10th CBSE Mathematics and in 2nd Semester for 10 SPI.

Apart from technology loves to do reading, sketching and painting


Programming, Designing and Others Skills




Data Analytics / ML





MySQL/ PostgreSQL


Apache Storm



Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science

LNM Institute of Information Technology

Bachelor of Technology     Graduated: 2015

B.Tech graduate in field of Computer Science and Technology form LNM IIT, Jaipur(Rajasthan)
with the aggregate percentile of 8.99 (out of 10).

Kids Corner Happy Sr. Sec. School

12th CBSE Board     Graduated: 2011

Graduated in 12thCBSE Board with the aggregate percentaile of 93.2% .

Courses: Information Technology with JAVA (Netbeans | BlueJ)

Kids Corner Happy Sr. Sec. School

10th CBSE Board     Graduated: 2009

Graduated in 10thCBSE Board with the aggregate percentaile of 93.4% .


Full Time

Singapore University of Technology and Design

Research Assistant (January 2017 - Present)

Designed (National Science Experiment) NSE backend. The work included coming up with a solution to retrieve and store the data accumulated by thousands of sensor devices.
Automated the flow of creating analytics reports by analyzing the sensors data. The work includes code optimization and data analysis. Achieved a reduction in data analysis time by 50% by optimizing the algorithms.
Worked on Research study which includes examines the relationships between public spaces, environment and subjective well-being. Did the data cleaning, analysis and visualization.
Currently, working on predicting transportation mode using machine learning and choice models.

Flipkart Pvt Ltd.

Software Developer (October 2015 - October 2016)

Designed and solution propagate module of pricing. Module work is to propagate prices to external services, Kafka and writing to MySQL. Handled deadlock cases, transactional insert and thread safety in MySQL using Apache Storm
Integrated new Features like OOR and BIR ​in user path service, handling of Aerospike Generation error, Confd​ Services in services for easy modification of configuration during runtime of service in user path services
Worked on policy creation and pricing for particular life­time. Created lifetime service using quartz scheduler which does pricing for a span of time (Continuous/ Weekly, Monthly)). Used Quartz scheduler​ library in JAVA.


Flipkart Pvt Ltd.

Software Developer Intern (April 2015 - October 2015)

Worked with Integrated Demand Forecasting Team on forecasting and planning. Automated the process of Warehouse Planning and Model Creation for forecasting. The work includes designing web as well as the backend of it.

Kno.e.sis Ohio Research Center.

Research Intern Project (August 2014 - May 2015)

Research Paper

Scalable mining of societal and cultural beliefs in the gender-based violence domain using Topic Modeling Toolkit on Hadoop environment which will help policy makers and developing agencies in tackling it.


Software Engineering Research Project (Feburary 2014 - August 2014)

Research Paper

Identify Different types of Badsmells and its co-occurance in code and finding relationship between them.

Teramatrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Software Developer Intern (May 2014 - July 2104)


Monitor the Quality of Service and Quality of Experience of computer or a porbe. It is an automated Software in which scripts on the probe side(client to be monitored) send performance data to the Central Server after fixed interval for analysis. It allows the user to monitor, configure for various protocols such as HTTP, ICMP, TCP, DNS. Central Server role is to analyse the upcoming data and present it in user friendly manner for better analysis.


Remote Content Developer (December 2013 - April 2014)

Sanfoundry is a high end Technology Training company in Bangalore to provide Product Engineering Companies and Technology Professionals highest quality training programs and workshops. worked as content developer of Discrete Mathematics at Sanfoundry.

Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology- Delhi

Summer Research Internship (May 2013 - July 2013)

Research paper

Worked on Project Hadoop Performance Analysis and Optimization. Project is to set up the cluster using Hadoop. Analyse the effect of various conffguration parameters and scheduling algorithms on execution time under various conditions. And Tuning of Hadoop cluster on the basis of performance analysis so that maximum throughput can be achieved.

Open Source Projects

Apache Fluo


Apache Fluo is incubator which allows updating the results of a large-scale computation, index, or analytic as new data is discovered.


Practical Implementations of courses

Open Knowledge Consortium

Software Engineering

Open Knowledge Consortium for managing the researches done by Students, Professors and Researcher. It is an web-based software which provides the platform to the enthusiastic students and professors for sharing there research experiences. Any user can view the research document but only authorized users are allowed to share it.

Medical Inventory System

Database Management and Systems

Database Management Project to manage medical inventory system. Project is to design the user friendly interface secure from SQL Injection and do the intelligent management of medical inventory.Key technology used are php for designing interface and MySQL for Database Management.

Forward Chaining Application

Knowledge Driven Information System

Forward Chaining Application that we will take the knowledge base from the user and do forward chaining on given knowledge base. The application provided user with derived facts from given knowledge base along with resoning of derived fact.

Flight Scheduling Problem


Provided the solution to simplified Flight-Scheduling Problem, quite similar to resource allocation problem using Ford-Fulkerson algorithm in JAVA.

Pen Drive Utility

Operating System

Pen Drive Utility Project in Operating System Course.Design the application that will allow only legal files,process to access the Pen Drive data. Main motive is to learn about virus Detection , signature Generation and malware detection using signature.


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